Are you limited to the amount of scrubs you can have per day?

No. ScrubEx works off a credit system. Staff members are allocated 3 credits. When you collect a suit you use a credit. When you return your suit you retrieve your used credit.

Remember!! You can receive as many scrub suits in a day as you need, as long as you return your used scrubs.

Do we need a separate access card to use the ScrubEx machine?

No. Your existing staff card will be programmed to give you access to the ScrubEx® machines. The card will also be programmed to dispense your size automatically.

How long does it take to collect a set of scrubs?

The dispensing time is less than 5 seconds with no delays between users. ScrubEx® is designed to accommodate areas with high volumes of people.

Can I change my size?

Yes. The system will give the user the option to change the scrub suit size if required.

What if it runs out of my size?

When the system is optimised and operated correctly, it won’t run out of your scrub suit size. It may, however, happen from time to time. When it does, it will give the user the option to select another size. The software running the system will log the unavailable size/sizes, and will highlight a poor service level for management to address.

What will happen if I return a foreign object instead of a scrub suit?

There is a camera located inside the machine which takes a picture of every transaction. This picture corresponds with the users ID card.

What happens if the machine breaks down?

A first response procedure will be put in place. If the issue turns out to be a technical issue and requires a technician, the call will be logged with O’Flynn Innovation.

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