alEx LC Dispenser

Our LC (Linen Center) Unit Distributes Clean Linen in Bulk for Fast, Convenient Access in Less than 3 Seconds:

  • Replaces Your Current Linen Cart
  • Keeps Out Unauthorized Users
  • Automatic Door Complies with JCAHO’s
  • Requirement for Covered Linen
  • Weighs Amount of Linen Taken per User for Easy
  • Utilization Reporting
  • Perfect for Nursing Personnel

AlEx Linen Cart Dimensions

AlEx Exchange Cart Dimensions


alEx Single Dispenser

Our SD (Single Dispense) Unit Distributes Clean Linen in a Single Dispense for Ultimate Control:

  • Distributes Specific Quantity of Linen
  • Large Slot Allows for Multiple Items to be Dispensed
  • Keeps Out Unauthorized Users
  • User Access – alEx® SD Smart Key
  • Perfect for Ambulance Personnel

alEx SD Dimensions