Replacement Pouches for your tablet crusher.
Safely contains tablets during crushing process, thus eliminating cross contamination and unnecessary clean up.
Storage compartment on the Tablet Crusher holds the Pouches and increases convenience.

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Features and Benefits:  O’Flynn Innovation Tablet Crushing System is your assurance that tablets will be smoothly, and quietly crushed, day or night, without disturbing patients.

A Lifetime Warranty ensures that it will be the only tablet crushing system you’ll ever need.  The system is innovative and extremely popular with our existing clients who range from Acute Hospitals, Nursing Care Homes, Private Individuals and many Pharmacies.

  • Silent – will not disturb patients or staff
  • Patient Safe – eliminates cross contamination
  • Accurate – complete dosage for patients
  • Efficient – crush multiple tables at once
  • User Safe – requires minimal force to crush
  • Cost Effective – no costly liquid medications
  • Need more information on Tablet Crushers?  Call: 020 3695 8204


The O’Flynn Innovation Silent Knight Tablet Crusher is a proven modern technology for tablet crushing and is very easy to use.

The Silent Knight has long been a significant and highly trusted system component in medication management.

Long term Care Facilities and Hospitals around the world use the Silent Knight everyday.

Thousands of healthcare professionals and tens of thousands of patients have benefited from the performance of this widely used device.


  • Silent – will not disturb patients or staff
  • Ergonomic Handle – fits all hand sizes
  • Effective – powerful dual action crushes pills to powder in a few seconds
  • Patient Safety – eliminates cross contamination
  • User Safety – maximum results with minimal effort.  Contour cover encloses internal moving parts
  • Saves Time and Money
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • The Tablet Crusher is finished in a clear, clean, OxiTitan coating which reflects the latest in the application of nanotechnology in the workplace.  In the presence of interior or exterior light, using a matrix of nanoparticles the coating is toxic to bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi, yet remains safe for human contact – helping to fight infections.
  • The tablet crusher works with a specially designed pouch and this ensures the efficiency, convenience and protection of the dispensed medicine.  These disposable pouches work together with the crusher and replace individual grinders, pestle and mortars and deliver value for money.
  • The pouch has both a curved base and opening that simplifies inserting tablets and pouring crushed medication cleanly and completely.  That means no loss of costly medication.
  • The pouches are extremely strong and durable to prevent punctures and cross-contamination, which is vital to effective patient care.
  • This innovative product works across all sectors of the health care provision throughout Acute Hospitals, Nursing Care Homes, Private Individuals and Pharmacies.