Large Volume Dispenser

1. Use hospital ID
to open door
2. Open door
3. Take clean scrubs

Large Volume Receiver

1. Swipe hospital ID
2. Open door
3. Return scrubs

scrubEx® is designed to control the distribution of hospital scrubs within a clinical environment

The scrubEx® control system was designed and patented for dispensing only linen products, such as surgical scrub sets. The unit can be placed wherever you need it most. You can also run several units in different locations simultaneously and network them. The scrubEx LV design has just two moving parts, reducing downtime and eliminating any issues with missing or ‘stuck product’.

Designed for high volume healthcare environments, provide your facility the best in scrub set inventory control by ensuring all staff have the scrub suit sizes they require, by eliminating unauthorised use and preventing scrub loss.

Key Features

  • Up to 40% reduction in scrub suit usage (work wear textiles)

  • Small footprint of the units maximises choice of locations allowing you to decentralise your distribution and receiving points

  • Enhances the hospitals infection control policies

  • Speed of access; 2.1 – 4.8 seconds; staff have their scrubs and size available as they require them

  • Locks out unauthorised users from other departments, visitors, and the general public

  • Real time monitoring of stock levels 24×7 allows for improved forecasting capability, reports on live usage levels and accurate auditing of stock via the Linen Management Software

  • Eradicate the department led requests for additional inventory and top ups

  • Reduce scrub suit replacement costs up to 90%