Linen Centre

1. Use hospital ID
to open door
2. Take necessary linen
3. Touch button to
close door

Single Dispense Unit

1. Swipe ambulance identifier
2. Open door
3. Take accessible linen

alEx® is a control system for the distribution of linen within the hospital environment

alEx® is a dispensing system for bed linen, textiles and other medical items.

It ensures that bulk linen is available for the nursing staff when required by preventing unauthorised and inappropriate use, and by eliminating the need to hoard linen. The AlEx Single Dispense ensures that Ambulance personnel have their allocated linen available when they need it.


Key Features

  • Up to 20% reduction in laundry usage

  • Small footprint of the units maximises choice of locations allowing you to decentralise your distribution points

  • Enhances the hospitals infection control policies

  • Up to 30% reduction in replacement costs

  • Locks out unauthorised users from other departments, visitors, and the general public

  • Real time monitoring of stock levels 24×7 allows for improved forecasting capability, reports on live usage levels and accurate auditing of stock via the Linen Management Software

  • Eradicate the department led requests for additional inventory and top ups

  • Ambulance crews and other operators will be guaranteed their allocated linen