Improve infection control

Reduce your hospital's costs

Enhance your linen policy

Linen Distribution Systems

scrubEx® is designed to
control the distribution of
hospital scrubs within a
clinical environment

alEx® is a control system
for the distribution of
linen within the
hospital environment

Welcome to O’Flynn Innovation

O’Flynn Innovation is the leading industry specialist in the provision of automatic surgical scrub and linen dispensers.
We work with the major NHS hospitals, laundry management companies and healthcare facilities to eliminate all unauthorized linen and surgical scrub use, while improving the overall service level. scrubEx® and alEx® will enhance the linen and infection control policies, at the same time resulting in cost savings for the hospital.

Product Portfolio

Our automated linen management systems, scrubEx® and alEx® optimise the inventory management of medical scrubs and hospital linen reducing usage and unnecessary/excessive demand.

Our Product Portfolio are tailored precisely to your needs.

How scrubEx® & alEx® Work

Customer Service

Our service and maintenance programs are adapted to ensure maximum utilization and efficiency for all users.

Call our UK Service Team on 020 30269859
Call our Service Team in Ireland on 029 21799

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